One-Page Lead Generation

What is it?

One method we’re quite fond of at The Street Smart SEO is the “one-page money maker". It’s exactly what it sounds like. You create a one-page website that generates email addresses. Plain and simple.

Best of all it can be monetized through different methods such as ad sense, commission-based marketing, or a combination of both.

The main goal of the landing-page is convert visitors into subscribers or potential purchasers of a product.

Landing Page

All landing pages or one-page money makers should have the following according to

  • Strategically placed call-to-action near the top of the page
  • Video
  • Influencers within the niche or social proof
  • Incentive to encourage conversion that speaks to the user
  • Funnel people with related products

Neil Patel states that in order to have the perfect landing page with a high conversion rate your website will need the following:

  • Clear call to action
  • An offer
  • Narrowed focus
  • Important attributes
  • Effective headline
  • Resolution Savvy Layout
  • Tidy Visuals
  • Social Proofs

We’re going to go briefly over the abundance of information covered.

What is a Call-to-Action?

A call to action is simple. It’s the goal for your visitors when they visit your web-page: buy now, sign up, subscribe, free trial, check out our video, etc.

It needs to be clear and consise. Without the clutter of other questions. It should always tempt them to sign up for your offer.


A well designed call-to-action page is the best approach for testing which methods create the highest conversion rate. Testing the colors, placement, and sizes of your call-to-action buttons is a good way to start.

Here are some other tips for the design portion of your  CTA page:

  • the button should be in center alighnment and the button should be the focus of the attention
  • the button should visibly look like a button; never make visitors guess
  • arrows, clues or animations to point out the button help sway visitors as-well